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Practical information

London is a great base from which to explore many other destinations in Britain or Europe. It’s easy to get around, and travel can be inexpensive with discount airlines, off-peak travelling and package tours.

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Planning your Holiday

  • Visit your local tourist office or travel agency, pick up brochures, visit websites, and compare hotel prices, ratings and reviews. Websites such as or make comparisons easy.
  • Word-of-mouth is a good way to hear about interesting destinations. Talk about your upcoming trip and friends may be able to share information or suggest someone else who has been there.
  • Package holidays with charter flights are usually less expensive than booking the same holidays on your own.
  • Low-cost airlines offer low fares when booking well in advance. They also charge for priority boarding, meals and drinks on board, and luggage; they may fly from different airports. Established carriers offer promotions and often more convenient flight times.
  • You should be fully covered when travelling. Skiing, diving and other adventure holidays may require additional insurance cover.
  •  Inspect your passport and the entry requirements for your chosen destination before paying for the holiday. Call the embassy /consulate or visit the website for more information. Some visa procedures can take weeks and you may need vaccinations before departure. Even if no visa is needed, you’ll probably need a passport valid for six months after your departure date. Note: British travel agents are not required to know about the entry requirements for other country’s citizens.
  •  Different airlines have differing luggage allowances, as do airports. Various hand luggage restrictions are constantly changing. Check online in advance to learn the allowances and restrictions for both directions of your trip. Most low-cost airlines have a very low luggage allowance (if any) and will charge a fortune for excess luggage.

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