Our Story

Since 1982, FOCUS has been helping thousands of expats navigate the challenges of relocating to the UK. That’s quite a long experience.

The visionary founders, Ginger Irvine, Geraldine Rebach, Susan Kinsey, Pamela B. Perraud and Hazel G. Collins, wanted to provide expats with a centralised source of information about living and working in the UK. After all, they were expats themselves and knew what it was like to make an international move. They were also keen to offer some volunteering experiences as that was the time when computers were being introduced in the workplace and expats spouses wanted to keep up their business skills.

Companies soon realised FOCUS offered a much needed support system for their employees who had relocated to the UK and started including the FOCUS membership in their relocation package.

The original concept has grown into the vibrant community that FOCUS is today with the team offering practical and well timed advice to the newly arrived, exclusive networking and community connect and career support to spouses and partners.

FOCUS is the go-to place for your relocation to the UK!

Our Members

Our members are international professionals and their families. We soften their landing so they have a successful time in the UK.