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Saying goodbye

24th May
Did you just have or are you soon having to say goodbye? Moving city or country, changing school, even changing job includes saying goodbye to friends and families and important people in our life. And this often is a challenge.
What makes saying goodbye so difficult? How can we have a “good goodbye”?
Why is it so important for everyone and especially for expats’ well being?Join us for a talk that combines transition theory and practice, applied neuroscience, and … a dose of British humour. expert speakers are:Claudine Hakim andEvangelos Raptis
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A fun, networking evening at the FOCUS office

9th June
Join us at the FOCUS office for another lovely, fun opportunity to meet, network and cheer with a glass of bubbly.
We will talk about some of the important events of the ‘London season’ and, withBeverly Osemwenkhae, discuss the dress code for the most sought after Spring/Summer events in London and in general the rules around dress code in the UK.It will be an extremely enjoyable evening! We thankHalo Financial for kindly sponsoring the drinks and nibbles.
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Drinks at the pub

23rd June
Meet up for a drink and a chat at this 19th century pub with beer garden, built on a truly historic site on the bank of the Thames in Southwark. Its rich history dates back to the 1600s and beyond, we will talk about it when we meet.
The pub is next door to the Globe theatre and it allegedly was also once frequented by Shakespeare!
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  • We are delighted to announce that Knight Frank will be one of our Silver Partners for another year.

  • Let us introduce our new Digital Marketing Partner, Solaris Relocations, removal and moving specialist.

  • Thank you to ASL for renewing their Silver level Partnership

  • There are several great reasons for buying seasonal produce: it’s often fresher, tastier and more nutritious, cheaper as it is available in abundance, usually supports the local economy with a smaller carbon footprint. Read how in our article written by Nicole Shroff.