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Waste & recycling: do our actions make a difference?

21st November
Top tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. Did you know that London’s households throw away an estimated 900,000 tonnes of food each year? This is estimated to cost over £50million per year to London Councils. Furthermore, the UK uses some 7.7 billion plastic bottles every year! Join Donata Magrin, FOCUS member and “reduce, reuse, recycle coach”, to discover how waste can be a resource, how to recycle and how to empower yourself as a consumer.
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First seek to understand, then to be understood

26th November
All conversations work best when both parties feel respected and able to say what they want to say. However, creating an atmosphere where this is possible isn’t always easy. And without a doubt, the higher the stakes and the bigger the anticipated disagreement, the harder it gets. Whether it’s asking for a pay rise or a promotion, giving someone difficult feedback or addressing a conflict, in this workshop Karin Mueller will show you some helpful strategies for tackling those challenging conversations in your life.
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An exclusive tour of London Art Week's Mayfair galleries

1st December
Join us for a unique opportunity to be accompanied by a member of the London Art Week team, who will open the doors to some of London’s leading galleries specialising in works of art from Antiquity to the 21st Century. You will discover museum-quality paintings, drawings and sculptures spanning over 5000 years in the heart of London's traditional fine art district. Spaces are limited.
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