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What to do in London and the UK in August

August 2019
Looking for ideas on how to spend a warm summer evening? Not sure how to entertain visitors from abroad?The perfect day out on a summer week-end? Festivals are on a bit everywhere, including the Dessert festival in London. Colourfest in Glasgow is the perfect opportunity to show off your singing talent. These and much more in our FOCUS Favourites London and FOCUS Favourits UK for this month!

Introduction to Career Development Programme

11th September
Whether you are looking to explore a new career while in the UK or to pursue an established one, this Introduction will help you kick start your search. Denise Donoghue,  will provide detailed information about our Career Workshops, one-to-one coaching and career-related seminars. This is the perfect opportunity to meet Denise, network with other FOCUS members and start sharing your own career narrative.
Early registration is recommended.

Making your partner’s expat assignment your dream come true

19th September
Moving abroad is an exciting event that, despite the challenges, can open up a world of opportunities! Join expat and intercultural coach Eva Tarabichi to explore how to make your partner’s expat placement a real chance for your own personal and professional growth. Explore what can get in the way of reaching your own dream when being an expat spouse and how to overcome these hurdles.
Register here.


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