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The network effect

21st May
Networking is a key door opener to new possibilities and new opportunities, both personal and professional, yet many of us find the process daunting and difficult. Judith Perle will examine the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of networking and decode the mechanics of how networks ‘really’ work in this country.
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Guided tour of Wimbledon grounds and museum

10th June

Just prior to the start of the world renowned Wimbledon Tennis tournament, we have organised for you an extraordinary private tour of this iconic sport venue and its museum. The tour, conducted by a Blue Badge Guide, will take you to some of the normally private players’ facilities and  Centre Court!

Permanent Residency and the steps to British Citizenship

19th June
We are pleased to welcome back SA Law Immigration experts who will discuss Permanent Residency and Naturalisation. During this interactive and practical session they will explain eligibility, the application process and what factors you should take into account when making your decision to apply. Register here.