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Our members are international professionals and their families. We soften their landing so they have a successful time in the UK.

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Our members are international professionals and their families. We soften their landing so they have a successful time in the UK.

I cannot imagine what our life would be without the support and assistance from FOCUS. As a new
member, I am also looking forward to attending all the workshops and events to continue my great experience with FOCUS and help myself to be more “local”.
We were so lucky, as FOCUS provided us a 360-degree support, from culture to business, from food to weather. As an Asian, it’s a bit hard for me to understand British culture, both in day-today life and as an employee in a business workplace. Cultural training is the most impressive session FOCUS offered, and one I have previously never had. It gave me a shortcut to understanding the quickest and best way to
adapt myself into this new environment.

I recommend this programme (the Career Development Programme)  not only for the job seekers but for any who want to learn about work experience. In addition to the programme, FOCUS has one of the best guides I have ever seen: Working in the UK – a key guide for working in the UK.
During the five months that we have been in London, there has not been one week that I do not go to the FOCUS website to find information about everything. As a new member, I have enjoyed all the workshops, webinars, lecturers, master classes and courses. There are always great topics presented, from networking, cultural/virtual events, tax implications, LinkedIn etc – all of them are excellent!

I discovered FOCUS when I decided to return to work after a break. My friend talked to me about the Career Development Workshop… .I was lucky to find a group of friendly and supportive members to share my experience and ideas. At the end, I felt encouraged and more confident about what I wanted to do next.
I am very glad to be part of FOCUS community and I’m grateful for all of the support and attention that the FOCUS team gives me.

I joined FOCUS right after I arrived in London. We were able to meet many people from around the world, exchange experiences and thoughts, and receive lots of suggestions in answer to all of our queries. This all certainly helped us to settle down.
The FOCUS team also helped me understand the job market, property market and how taxation works in UK. Some events in particular, such as CV writing and public speaking were helpful on a personal level.
In a few words, FOCUS made me feel welcomed and privileged, providing invaluable resources, and helping me stay connected with other professionals.

The FOCUS team is very skilled at connecting people attending their events, giving tips on personal interests or even an organization we might have in common. I became friends with one of my work colleagues from a different department that I would have not met otherwise.
FOCUS has been part of my second journey in England that looks nothing like the first one. The team met me as a “FOT” (Fresh Off the Train), got to know my and my partner’s pasts, cared for me when pregnant, and then met me again as a mother.
I’m glad that I joined FOCUS in late 2020, and I can say that I’m really looking forward to the next part of the journey that we will make together in this country or even beyond.

FOCUS has been the best thing that happened to us in our first 100 days in London. Cultural activities, networking events and seminars helped us to speed up the process of integration into the UK culture. Raffaella found extremely helpful the Career Development Programme that supported her in a new phase of her career. We certainly recommend FOCUS to professionals and families who are planning to settle in London.

From the start, FOCUS has provided real-time insights to help me navigate the transition like a local. Within the first two months, I had great recommendations on childcare, beauty, doctors, opportunity to preview art shows, and even got a behind-the-scenes tour of Wimbledon! I was worried I’d be silo’d in my tech industry job, but with Focus’ warm welcome I already feel like I’m experiencing the full options of what London has to offer!

While helping us navigate a new culture, Focus also introduced us to some of our dearest friends, making England quickly feel like home. I still love to pop in for their great events from time to time, as it is a always a fun way to meet new people and to continue learning about this great place in which we live.

FOCUS is a friendly guiding hand making you feel welcome and introducing you to new experiences. My husband and I recently moved to London from the US and adjusting to our new life was better with FOCUS because the amenities they offer including informative seminars, fun events and social gatherings – we especially loved the invites to art galleries, walking tours of the city, private tour of Wimbledon and wine tasting in Greenwich.