Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get with the FOCUS Membership?

One membership for the whole family.
We help you through all the steps of your relocation.
You can, throughout the three (3) membership years, get personalised support, answers to your questions and help with your concerns. We provide you with resources, events and seminars and our very successful Career Development Programme for spouses and partners .
We will share our many years of practical, cultural and professional experience about life in the UK.
Our cultural and informative events and webinars will help you expand your network both professionally and socially.
Mainly for partners and spouses, we host workshops, career-related  trainings, one-to-one coaching, CV assistance whether they want to continue the same career or change career in the UK.
You will also receive our vibrant quarterly lifestyle FOCUS magazine full of useful tips on life in the UK.

How can I become a member?

You can join through your company or on your own.
Some companies offer the FOCUS membership to their relocating employees  or new hires as part of their relocation/employment package so it is worth checking with your employer if you can get it through them. In this case we would invoice your company directly and register you as a member.
If you are joining on your own you can sign up online or contact us by phone +44 (0)20 7937 7799.

Who does my membership cover?

The membership covers you and your immediate family including your spouse/partner and kids.

I forgot my password, what shall I do?

You can go to the ‘Login’ page, press the Forgot your password button and follow the instructions.
If you encounter issues, please get in touch and we can help you with it.

Is there a fee to attend your events?

If you are a member you can attend the majority of our seminars/webinars and events for free. Sometimes outside events have a small fee. Please check listings for details.
Some events are open only to members and some to non-members as well but at a fee.

Can my friends attend your events?

Yes your friends are welcome to attend most of our events by paying the non-member fee.  Occasionally some events are free for your friends.

I saw something about Career Workshops, can you help me find a job?

Our Career Development Programme is designed to help you with your job search, providing you with information and advice on the UK job market. Although we are not a job placement agency, we are proud that our programme has a proven success record of 90%.

Do FOCUS offer extra services apart from the membership?

At FOCUS we offer a full range of services to make your relocation smooth and fun.
School advice: we help you find the best education for your child
Cross Cultural support: we help you understand how to work and live with the Brits in 7 different languages.
Settling in support: we provide first-hand information on life in the UK, we share our local knowledge on housing, schools, childcare, health, utilities, car, insurance, law, tax, etc..
Language Courses: we offer individual courses for you to learn different languages.
Leaving the UK package: we will help you go through all the red tape of the moving process.
To receive a quote please contact us at

How can I become a Partner or Advertiser?

Contact us and we will walk you through our range of services as well as our bespoke packages.

Our Members

Our members are international professionals and their families. We soften their landing so they have a successful time in the UK.