Pets are special members of the family and are often an important part of a relocation. 

Moving with a pet requires good planning and some research.

We recommend starting the process 1-3 months ahead of your desired departure date, as this allows plenty of time to organise all the details and deal with any unexpected challenges that may arise.

Bringing your pet to Great Britain

  • Check if you can bring your pet,
  • Check the transport companies and routes you can use,
  • Get your pet microchipped,
  • Get vaccinations and tapeworm treatment,
  • Have travel documents ready.

Your pet must arrive in Great Britain no more than 5 days before or after you.

You must use an approved route unless you’re travelling within the UK or from Ireland.

Check the routes before you travel – they can change or may only operate at certain times of the year. You can only use certain carriers and routes approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency to bring your pet to England or Scotland. There are no approved routes to Wales.

Airlines and airports you can use;

Sea and rail routes and companies you can use.

You need to fill in a declaration confirming that you are not going to sell or transfer the ownership of your pet.

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