Top 10 benefits of living and working in the UK

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The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the top chosen destinations for many aspiring migrants. It’s a huge area with four separate countries making up its borders. It’s also the second largest economy in Europe, and ranks 5th as the largest economy worldwide.
The UK has a beautiful countryside, historic cities such as London bursting with so much life and people from across the globe. It’s also home to popular English landmarks such as Big Ben and Stonehenge. The UK is filled with both opportunities and beauty, and in this guide, we’ll explore some of the top reasons for living and working in the UK.

1. Free healthcare and education

The UK offers everyone within its borders access to healthcare and education for free, to a certain extent. Living and working in the UK would mean that migrants also have access to top quality healthcare services during emergencies or paying minimal rates for routine checks, which the government offers subsidies for. To add on, children also have access to free education at many different renowned schools. The UK is home to some of the best universities worldwide: Cambridge and Oxford, which have quality education, the best campuses, attractive job opportunities (after graduation) on offer and so much more.

2. Easy access to Europe

This is one of the top benefits of living and working in the UK for many people – you can easily visit any country in Europe! The United Kingdom can easily be accessed with Heathrow Airport being the main hub for international travel and plenty of cheap and affordable airlines available for you to visit Europe whenever you want.

3. Its great career opportunities

Many companies are based in London and this means there’s so many opportunities for expats with qualifications to find their desired job. The UK is also a hub for many international companies, so even if there’s an organisation that you are primarily interested in and isn’t from the UK, chances are they do have a branch in London!

4. There’s so much to see and do

The UK boasts of a huge amount of culture. It brags of countless art galleries, museums and theatres. The great part is that most of them are free to visit.

5.  It has friendly and polite people

On top of being generally welcoming and cosmopolitan, the UK is considered to be one of the few places with polite and friendly people. This means that once you relocate, befriending or meeting new people and connecting with new people shouldn’t be too hard.

6. It’s great for English speakers

If you speak English, you will have little to no problems with communicating, finding employment or making new acquaintances. As a result, the UK, particularly London is well known for hosting many expatriates from Australia, Canada, America, to mention a few. However, if English is your second language, and you would love to live and work in the UK, there’s great online language training platforms that can help you to learn English and so either way, you will still be able to fit in.

7. It’s home to britain’s Royal family

London is home to the royal family of Britain and they usually partake in many parades, ceremonies and events in the city during the year. All the events hosted are always interesting and fun to attend so if you love keeping up with the monarchy, then there’s certainly no better place to be at!

8.  A lot of paid time off

The UK is one of the places with the best paid time off policies. Every type of employment has a minimum of 5.6 weeks off. Regardless of the kind of job you do, as long as you earn a salary, you’ll certainly be ensured of a lot of leave or vacation days. You will even get many more days off as you advance in your career or job.

9. It’s a safe place to live

Most areas in the UK are relatively safe. Their police force is always quite active and on alert and there’s CCTV cameras everywhere

10. The UK is a great place for starting a Business

The United Kingdom is a great place to start a business. It has been repeatedly ranked in the top 10 countries globally to do so. The laws and tax policies in the UK tend to be quite favourable with so much score to find the right areas and customers.

In Conclusion

So, why not take advantage of the opportunity when you get the chance to live and work in the UK and embrace all these benefits and so much more. But, it’s also important to know that your experience of living and working in the United Kingdom will also be based on your needs, your personality and how much you interact and associate with the outside world. If language is a barrier that’ll stop you from living and working in the UK, don’t worry, you can make use of the best interpretation or translation services to ensure that you get the best possible expat experience.

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