Diaspo: Bringing My Home To Yours

by  Terry Tong  / Posted on

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t used Zoom since the lockdown in March?

An older generation of cooks, who are keen to espouse the virtues of their native cuisine through Diaspo (www.joindiaspo.com), have embraced the technology with ardour. Diaspo (short for“diaspora”), the brainchild of Harish Malhi, a 24-year old graduate at London School of Economics, has been hosting a mélange of online cookery classes that focus on heritage recipes.

The latest offering from Diaspo encompasses options of £10 for a cook-along virtual class or more for series of classes on Indian, Italian, Peruvian and Caribbean cuisines. Diaspo seeks to enable learners to tap into the fount of knowledge of home cooks with 30-plus years of experience. It started life as face-to-face sessions in February 2020 but then switched to virtual (and initially free) classes during the coronavirus lockdown.

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