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There are many reasons why you may look for a tutor for your child. It may be really useful for boosting your child’s confidence, especially if you just moved from another country, acclimating to a different education system or adjusting to the language if English is not your child’ first language. Many children use tutors to prepare them for exams or to move to a new school. Children with minor learning difficulties may also benefit from a private tutor.

If you just want to improve your child’s confidence, your child’s school may be able to recommend one of their own teachers to help. The teachers will know more about the school syllabus and methods of teaching. Asking friends or other parents is also a good source of recommendations, especially if they have been through the same situation.
If you cannot rely on word of mouth, there are specialised tutoring companies that can help you find a tutor that matches your needs and expectations.

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