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There are several choices to consider when choosing a school in the UK.
State schools, predominantly co-educational, are government sponsored and tend to attract local pupils within a catchment area. Some schools, both state and private, are based on a religious foundation and can be of a very high standard. Private (fee-paying) schools, offer a mix of single sex and co-educational opportunities. There are also boarding schools that accept children from 7/8 years of age. In addition, international and national schools are other choices for both expats and residents. Home schooling is another option if you are unable to find a place initially or have found this to be successful in your home country.
Once you have generated a list, call the schools to check for availability, application procedures and, most importantly, to book a visit. Be sure to gather all relevant documents for application, like previous school transcripts, tests, school recommendations and teachers’ letters, religious related documents (if applying to a faith school) and all you can bring from the previous school. Also, have in mind all possible questions that are important to you.

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