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Career workshops


These four-week workshops (one 2 hour session per week) presented by our Career Development Consultants, will provide you with a comprehensive and supportive approach to find the right job for you.

These workshops are open only to FOCUS members with two different groups to choose from:
  •  Explorers - Creating your career narrative     
Often an international move presents partners with the opportunity to re-examine their career and decide if they want to do something different. Perhaps a partner has taken a break from work to raise a family and now feels it is the right time to go back. Sometimes qualifications are not easily transferable to the UK and so spouses need to “tilt their hats” and look at how they may apply transferable skills to a different job. Using journalising techniques, self-reflection exercises and storytelling we’ll explore the possibilities of what you could do and how to market yourself in the UK.

  •  Fast-Trackers -Powerful career narratives to propel your career forward
Some partners know what they want to do but need the knowledge of the UK job market and networking opportunities to start moving forward in the job search process. Topics we cover include CVs and Cover Letters, Researching the industry, Interviewing, and Networking. Over the four weeks we utilise storytelling techniques to craft your marketing material and create a personal brand, ultimately making you stand out in a competitive employment market.
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