Are you contemplating a career change? This personalised coaching experience is designed for individuals who are ready to embark on a new career journey. This programme will help you uncover your strengths, pinpoint areas for development, set attainable goals, and create a strategic plan to kickstart your exciting new career path and enhance your professional journey.

“I’d never experienced any professional coaching before and I was astonished by the results it had on my professional career. Jan helped me reconnect with my strengths and passions and I gained clarity about my career progression. Jan is a very approachable and charismatic person. This has been an amazingly enriching and inspiring experience.”

Stan D. | Finance Manager

How It Works


  1. Take the Everything DiSC Assessment and learn how to adapt your executive presence to win at the interview in the UK.
    Delivery: on-line / 20 minutes

  2. Book your two “Knowhow60” coaching sessions with a career expert.
    Delivery: virtual / 2 x 60 minutes

  3. Kick-start your career change.
    Delivery: action plan


Receive 60 minutes of personalised career guidance from our experts. This session will focus on your top priorities and pressing issues, This will encompass refining your unique management and leadership approach, cultivating a commanding executive presence with confidence, formulating strategies to stand
out in your current role, and fostering the advancement of your career within the UK context.

Available for one person per membership.


What You Get


  • Learn How To Adapt Your Communication Style to Succeed in Your New Job in the UK.
  • Acquire Confident Executive Presence
  • Find Strategies on How To Positively
  • Influence Others
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Doing Business in the UK
  • Award Winning Psychometric Test
Career Seminars

We offer throughout the year seminars/webinars presented by different professionals on a broad range of topics of interest to job seekers. Visit our events page for an updated list of upcoming seminars/webinars.

Additional Coaching Sessions

Personalised service for those who want individual coaching and/or those who desire additional assistance following the Career Workshops. Offered throughout the year at an additional fee, our coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs. Coaching topics could include:

  • Personal / Life Coaching
  • Cultural Coaching
  • CV Assistance
  • Mock Interview
  • Repatriation Coaching

Our Members

Our members are international professionals and their families. We soften their landing so they have a successful time in the UK.