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Because London is not just about work!

"Apps for your entertaiment" from FOCUS Magazine May-June 2017

After establishing work and after organizing the children, there are so many things  you can do in your free time. London, like no other city, offers an infinite variety of possibilities.

Here are some articles from our magazine that will help you discover more about British traditions and culture.

'Eat, drink and be merry: past and present culinary delights' from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2016

"Spooks and Spies" from FOCUS Magazine Jan-Feb 2017

"Books bring people together" from FOCUS Magazine May-June 2017

"The Proms" from FOCUS Magazine Jul-Aug 2017

"Lights, Panto, Action!" from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2017

"Winter is Coming " from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2017

"The Echo of Christmas Traditions" from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2017

"Ni Hao Britain! Chinatowns in the UK" from FOCUS Magazine Jan-Feb 2018

"The British Season" from FOCUS Magazine May-Jun 2018

'Kiftsgate Court Gardens: Celebrating Three Generations of Women Gardeners' for FOCUS Magazine July-Aug 2019

"Downton Abbey uncovered" from FOCUS Magazine Sep-Oct 2019

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