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FOCUS was founded in 1982 as a non-profit and continues to operate with its original ethos and values.

In 1980 five dynamic women surveyed a group of expatriates to determine what were some of the key issues and concerns when they relocated to London.    The survey revealed that there was 'an overwhelming a centre which would provide practical advice on some of the common problems one encounters in London.' 

With an interest from the community and a lot of determination, Ginger Irvine, Geraldine Rebach, Susan Kinsey, Pamela B. Perraud and Hazel G. Collins raised £25,000 to start a non-profit called FOCUS Information Services.  Initially operating out of the office of Marymount College Junior Year Abroad Programme the organisation offered referrals, courses and volunteer opportunities to accompanying spouses, at that time predominately women.  The staff were not compensated for their dedication but received the reward of connecting and helping people settle in the UK from all over the world.

FOCUS has been featured in articles in the International Herald Tribune, Personnel Journal, The Corporate Executive and other publications. Membership has grown from a couple of dozen to a thriving group of more than a thousand men and women – and their families. The office, located in Kensington, has meeting rooms for seminars and workshops in addition to its administrative area.

FOCUS has won the Re:Locate Award 'Excellence in Employee & Family Support' for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012.

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