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"FOCUS & Me: Jaspreet Grenwal"from FOCUS Magazine May-Jun 2018
"FOCUS & Me: Matej Mendlik" from FOCUS Magazine Jul-Aug 2018
"FOCUS & Me: Mary Dosunmu" from FOCUS Magazine Sep-Oct 2018
"FOCUS & Me: Amina Bennaceur" from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2018
‘FOCUS & Me: Sachy Kido’ from FOCUS Magazine 2019
'FOCUS & Me: David and Deanna Oliphant' from FOCUS Magazine Mar-Apr 2019
'FOCUS & Me: Caterina Versari' from FOCUS Magazine May-Jun 2019
'FOCUS & Me, Sabina Pinto' from FOCUS magazine July-Aug 2019
FOCUS & Me: Eric Christensen & Mie Poulsen from FOCUS Magazine Sep-Oct 2019
FOCUS & me: Alessandra Gnudi from FOCUS Magazine Nov-Dec 2019
"FOCUS & Me: Yulduz Yunnusova" from FOCUS Magazine Jan- Feb 2020
"FOCUS & Me: Stephanie Gentelle" from FOCUS Magazine Mar-Apr 2020
"FOCUS & Me: Kay Teekell" from FOCUS Magazine Jun-Aug 2020
"FOCUS & Me: Elona Dhimolea" from FOCUS Magazine Autumn 2020
"FOCUS & Me: Fabienne Perreux" from FOCUS Magazine Jan-Feb 2021
“FOCUS & Me”: Aleksandra Vogt"  from FOCUS Magazine Ma-Apr-May 2021
"FOCUS & Me: Francisco Gonzalez-Cos" from FOCUS Magazine Jun-Jul-Aug 2021
"FOCUS & me: Simon Fitch" from FOCUS Magazine Fall 2021
"FOCUS & me: Piyush Kedar" from FOCUS Magazine Jan-Feb 2022
"FOCUS & Me: Cecile Pallut" from FOCUS Magazine March-May 2022

What our members say about us:

'My Focus membership has turned out to be one of the best investment I made this year.' (American)

'Thank you for all your help in our settling down in London.' (Bolivian)

'I've received the welcome pack! It helps a lot. Thank you very much.'(Italian)

'We print out the FOCUS Insights when it's published and plan out all of the activities and events that we'd like to try out. We met some great people at the FOCUS events we attended... It's nice to meet people who are in similar situations to yours. And we would enjoy meeting more!' (American)

'I am writing you all to say a big thank you for all the support on my job searching! Thank you once again for making me get the confidence I needed to go thought many coffees, phone calls and interviews!' (Brazilian)

'I really enjoyed my Focus membership and have recommended your organization to some colleagues and friends. It's very impressive!'(American)

'Thanks again for the support.I must also add that your guide was and is still very helpful.'(Swiss)

"This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!"(British)

'Many thanks for the information as well as the conversation we had. It is always good to know you have a number to call for help.'(Chinese)

'It was very nice meeting you yesterday. Thank you for taking the time and give me all the explanations. Thank you for the very useful websites.'(Belgium)

'I greatly appreciate your help to date.'(Australian)

'We are glad to have become members and although we don't live yet in the UK, your organisation will be a great help for us in order to prepare our move in advance.' (Spanish)

'I'm so thankful Focus was there to help in these very challenging moments.'(French)

'I would wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS to anybody being posted to the UK.  It is a very warm and welcoming community that can help make the adjustment to an international move go more smoothly.  They offer a wealth of information and recommendations of services, as well as presenting many interesting and helpful seminars and a comprehensive career development programme for those who would like to look for professional work in the UK.' (Marianne Elbaek Sloth, spouse from The Royal Danish Embassy)

'I love FOCUS. It provided me with instant friends, spectacular personal and career learning opportunities, and served as wonderful place to go for answers to all my questions from the mundane to the strange. My time in London was wonderfully enriched in all the right areas thanks to this wonderful organization of like-minded souls.' (American)