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Retain talent and keep costs and complexities to a minimum

FOCUS provides award winning support to individuals and families moving to the UK. Offering flexible, high touch and comprehensive services we work together with global mobility and relocation companies. FOCUS has been instrumental in the success of assignments for over 35 years. Services include:

Essential UK information & recommended resources

Exclusive networking opportunities

Flagship dual career programme

What makes us unique?

High touch

Cost effective

Flexible packages from 6 months through to the length of an assignment

First-hand experience; all team members are expats

Operates as a non-profit



Winner Exceptional Contribution to Relocation 2017

Winner Excellence in Employee and Family Support 2011 & 2012

Shortlisted Best HR and Supplier Strategy (in conjunction with EBRD) 2013

Shortlisted Excellence in Employee and Family Support 2014


Shortlisted Best Family Support Programme 2012

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