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Arguably the most famous university in the world, Oxford has been a center of learning since the 12th century.

Oxford is known as the 'city of the dreaming spires' - a term first coined by poet Matthew Arnold in reference to the gentle spires and harmonious architecture of the city's university buildings.

Save for the modern storefronts, the city stands as it has for hundreds of years. When arriving try to stop on one of the low hills that surround the city and look at the skyline.

Then, don’t miss:

· Oxford’s golden-stone university buildings include some of England’s most impressive architecture, notably the Bodleian Library , a masterpiece of English Gothic, Sir Christopher Wren’s Sheldonian Theatre , and the Radcliffe Camera. Looking at these beautiful buildings, it’s no surprise that Oxford is one of Britain’s Heritage Cities.
· Pitt Rivers Museum and Museum of the History of Science.
· Magdalene College
· Oxford Story Exhibition.
· Oxford River and City Tours.
· The Gran Cafe. Opened in 1650 and England’s first coffe house
· Student night life
· Shopping at Bicester Village. An Outlet close to the city.

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