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Where to live in London

Deciding where to live in London can be quite an arduous task, really depends on what your interests and priorities are. There are many villages and neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct atmosphere, vibe and sense of community, where you could feel at home.
Homie area guides can help.

Some facts about Greater London:
London is made of 32 boroughs plus the City of London.
The Greater London Authority is responsible for the strategic local government of the region and is run by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.
The City of London Corporation is governed by the Lord Mayor, elected annually, the Aldermen and the members of the Court of Common Council.
Each of the 32 London Boroughs is administrated by a Council and has a website where you can find all relevant information about the borough, from Council tax to parking permits, from schools and education services to rubbish collection and recycling.

For more details, a map and the list of the 32 plus 1 London Boroughs click here

If you want to find out which Local Council an address is in, please go to

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