The One (Big) Thing to Consider in your Mid Year Review!

by  Matt Corey is a Psychologist, Mindset Turnaround Coach, Executive Coach and Speaker. EMCC Coach and Mentor, Change Management Practitioner and NLP Licensed Master Practitioner., Matt helps individuals and business owners, remove blocks and barriers, emotional addictions/dependencies and Imposter Syndrome, towards realising their goals and potential.  / Posted on

June has rolled around and time has just flown by and we find ourselves at mid-year — already.

A review of our day, our week and especially, each passing month is important for our growth and progress in our lives, because otherwise our lives will be rolling by, without accountability and awareness.

The present (or presence) of time and life is to be cherished and appreciated. If it’s not, then there is possibly something that is unpleasant, disturbing or simply painful, in one’s life.

What can each person do, at mid-year, to review their goals and aspirations? 

  1. Give up, because it’s the summer and time, to enjoy the warm weather?

2.   Wait till the end of December 2023 and write down their 2024 New Year Resolutions?

3.   Take responsibility, review their goals, in all areas of their life and make an honest evaluation of where they are today, in comparison to where they wish to be?

For many, hopefully, it is the third option. Why?

The reason being, that one has to take responsibility for one self. Otherwise, we are giving our power away to someone else or something else and they will then determine our life for us. 

Also, these are your goals, dreams and aspirations; not someone else’s. Is someone else, going to fulfil your goals? Highly unlikely.

Now comes the thing, that one reality, one has to be in touch with: the subconscious.

Apart from regulation of sleep, dreams, habits and the normal automatic functioning of your body (which is essentially on auto-pilot); your subconscious is there, as a guide nudging you, giving you hints and very importantly (at times), is trying to slow you down, to be aware or at times, block you. 

Why is that? 

“Doesn’t my subconscious, want the best for me, to help me reach my goals and dreams?”

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, in that it is looking out for you and protecting you, based on what you (and the environment) has programmed it to become.

No, because the subconscious is objective. 

Whatever you feed it (often enough) and especially with heightened emotions and certain key memories. It has a certain ceiling of what it can allow from you and when you surpass it, it resists, to protect you. It is basing it on your own self-imposed limitations, that usually stem from your parental programs. 

Also, it is not wired for growth and progress; that’s the role of your conscious mind.

This is where, one needs to be aware of their intuition (or even sensing something within your body, that may include potential blocks or barriers that would really move you forward in your life, hunches or even comments from others. This also might be a bit obscure or hidden initially (as in your dark side, that we all possess), because you may (as I did in my life for a long while) be doing something very different in your day to what you actually or intuitively feel and sense is more the real you.

This subconscious mind of ours, is really ‘running the show’, because it is the proverbial elephant in the room, taking up 95% of who we are and the remaining part of our mind is the 5% conscious mind (our senses).

To be true and authentic within ourselves, we have to live with an awareness of both minds. 

As Peter Carruthers stated in the December 20, 2018, Scientific American article, that “conscious and unconscious are not separate spheres; they work in tandem. We are not simply puppets manipulated by our unconscious thoughts…conscious reflection does have effects on our behaviour.”

Specifically, how can one be aware of the subconscious or subconscious mind?

Briefly, being aware of the subconscious can start by being aware of an area (or areas) of your life that may be below optimal, in terms of poor results/outcomes (eg. relationships, family, work/career, finances or communication) and that painful patterns or suffering, keep reoccurring.

The Socratic edict of “know thyself” is paramount, because only you can decipher what blocks or barriers exist, that your “little voice” is telling you or that you keep noticing the same patterns or results and wonder why.

As Carl Jung stated that “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life.”

So, you can’t bury your pain, blocks and barriers and expect great results. It (or they) will come out in some form or manner, through your behaviour and/or body (being your state of health).

So what area is it for you (if it is)?

I will outline some blocks and barriers that one may come across that are potential roadblocks in one’s progress, success and ultimately happiness and fulfilment.

Some of those blocks may include:

Not feeling good enough

Not deserving 

Not worthy 

Not loveable / Unwanted

Abandoned or Neglected 



Not smart/intelligent enough

Not attractive enough






Feeling victimised / feeling like a victim

The above blocks are insidious and can block us (or rob us) from our happiness, achievement and fulfilment in life.

As human beings, we have choice and dominion, exercised by our free will and we can always find a reason or excuse to delay, procrastinate and put off what could be done to let go of the above blocks.

These blocks are also reminders of what we have to learn and provide ourselves in this life.

To confront these blocks, I remind my clients, that you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you wish to move forward. To get into the light, you have to recognise the darkness and change your thinking and mindset.

If not, you will – unfortunately – join the millions of people worldwide who neglect their calling and live in victimhood, deny themselves and leave buried with ‘the music still inside them’ and their dreams unexpressed and unfulfilled.

Finally, as American author, Louis E. Boone declared that “the saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have or should have.”

Does that describe you and if yes, what are you doing about it?

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