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Black Cabs
London's famous taxis (black cabs) can be booked in advance via Apps, hailed on the street or picked up from designated taxi ranks.
Black cabs are regulated by the Greater London Authority and the Metropolitan Police. Every driver is required to undergo a rigorous test of his/her knowledge of London and to be licensed and vetted by London's Metropolitan Police.
A black cab is available for hire when its taxi light is lit. They can take up to 5 passengers at one time. Some cabs (Metro cabs with a square shape) can take 6 people.
All of London’s black cabs are wheelchair accessible and child seats are available.
Night-time, weekend and holiday travel is more expensive. Extra luggage and additional passengers are charged an additional fee.

When looking for a cab be sure to look in both directions as drivers will often make u-turns to pick up passengers. Tell the driver your destination through the front window before you get in. Payment is also preferred through the front window after you get out. In a taxi, it is common to add about 10% to the taxi fare or round to the nearest pound, but again you should not feel obliged to leave a tip.

Minicabs and private hire vehicles
These may not be hailed in the street, but they are available for hire on a pre-book basis.
All vehicles available for pre-booking must hold a PH (Private Hire) licence official sticker in the front and rear windscreens of the vehicle, showing that the vehicles are fit for purpose.
Long journeys can be cheaper than black cab fares and larger cars are available for excessive baggage or more than 5 passengers.
Minicabs have no meters so you must agree the fare in advance. Some minicabs company are specialised in airports service.

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