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Visas & immigration

Many people relocating to the UK are eligible to work while they are here. However, immigration rules can be a complicated matter. Read the latestarticle as written by SA Law on the pros and cons of dual citizenship.

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Here you will find a general overview of what type of visa will allow you to work in the UK and the requirements needed to apply for any of the existing schemes:

European Community
All Swiss nationals and citizens of the member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) have free access to enter the UK, work and study. Other nationalities need a visa to work in the UK.

A visa, also known as entry clearance, is a document issued by a country giving an individual permission for entry to that country during a given period of time and for certain purposes: such as tourism, study, work, joining family members etc.
Whether or not a visa is required depends on the purpose and length of your stay and on your nationality.
The UK Visas & Immigration website will tell you whether a visa is required to enter the UK and, if so, how to apply for one.
To check if you need a visa go

Work permits
Before you can apply for a work permit under the points based system, a UK based employer must issue you with work authorization known as a Certificate of Sponsorship, if they wish to employ you.
There is no provision within the current arrangements for individuals to apply on their own behalf.
Since work permits are issued for a named person to do a particular job for a specific employer, in order to change jobs the new employer will need to get approval from the government by applying for a new work permit before you can start working for them.

Other schemes
There are different schemes available for people wishing to come to the UK. Some popular ways of gaining the right to work in the UK are described below.For other schemes and more detailed information also check the UK Visas & Immigration website.

Partner Visa
If you can prove that you have had a relationship (‘similar to marriage’) for two years or more that is genuine and if you prove that you can meet a financial requirement and will live together, you can join your partner and live and work in the UK for the same duration as their visa.

Student Visa If you are a full time student (15 hours or more per week) you are allowed to work 20 hours per week. The maximum time you can work in the UK as a student will normally be printed on your visa document.

Fiancé (e) Visa
You can apply for permission to come to the UK as the fiancé (e) or proposed civil partner of a person who is settled in the UK or applying to settle here. It is usually valid for six months and you must not work during this time. After you have married or registered your civil partnership, you can apply to stay here as the husband, wife or civil partner of a settled person. During this period you will have no restriction on your work activity in the UK.

People living and working in the UK for five continuous years may be eligible forIndefinite Leave to Remain orPermanent Residence. Contact theUK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) to understand your rights and to apply to settle in the UK.

British CitizenshipAfter 12 months of holding an Indefinite Leave to Remain visa you may apply forBritish citizenship.
Children born in the UK with one parent who is a British citizen or a foreigner settled in the UK may also become a British citizen, even if the parent becomes settled after the birth.

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