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From the day you move into your new property you should ensure that you have adequate insurance.
There are two types of insurance: building and content insurance.
If you are purchasing a house, you will require both building and content insurance (one policy or two separate policies). If you are buying a flat, however, you will only need content insurance and you will most likely have to pay your portion of the building insurance premium as part of the service charges.
If you are renting a property you should consider content insurance to cover your own personal effects. The building structure will be insured by the landlord, but check your lease to see what you might be responsible for beyond the structure.
The insurance premium cost will depend on the location and the size of the property, as well as any security system such as, burglar alarm, high security locks, window bars, smoke detectors you have in place.
Please note that insurance companies may require a list of items above a certain value (usually £5‚000) and sometimes proof of valuation.
It is advisable to ask for a number of quotations before selecting one.

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