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Retail banking

In order to open a UK bank account you must provide:

• Valid proof of your identity: Passport, National Identity Card, National Driving Licence
• Current proof of your UK address: this could be more difficult, but the following documents may be acceptable: a letter from your employer in the UK confirming your UK address, tenancy agreement, utility bills.

Other useful documents are:
• a proof of your previous or permanent address in the country you are coming from
• a reference letter from a bank or financial institution you have an account with in that country
• a document showing that money will be paid into your account regularly (a job offer or a pay slip)

Remember that banks will normally only accept original documents, not copies.

The process might take two to three weeks before the account is open and ready to use.
Before opening a bank account, it is better to “shop around” as not all banks make their decisions using the same criteria and offer the same products.

Top UK Banks
Be sure to speak to the bank or a tax consultant to understand your options as some international accounts have tax implications.

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