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An introduction on buying contemporary art:

From: 5th May 2021
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: ZOOM
Phone: 02079377799
Tariff (members): Free
Tariff (non-members): Free


'An introduction on buying contemporary art: passion, aesthetic and practicality’ (Maria Teresa Sacchi, CEO at ARTE GLOBALE, the international online art gallery, in conversation with Maria Renzi Brivio, Director of events and seminars; Director of Career Development Programme at FOCUS - The Network for International People.) ‘I am often asked by art lovers and friends, my opinion about a particular artwork: if the piece is aesthetically beautiful, if it is worth what they pay for, or are about to, and ultimately if I like the set up of such a piece in their home.' Says, Maria Teresa – Focusing on an initial approach to the vast world of contemporary art, Maria and Maria Teresa explore how to be more at ease in finding the artwork you love, trust our instinct, becoming a happy collector and above all, enjoying the experience and have fun with the process. We will talk about passion, aesthetics, practicalities as well as some contemporary artists it is worth keeping an eye on!