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Adoption & foster

Adopters in England and Wales must be over 21 years of age (18 if one of a couple is the birth parent) and there is no upper limit.
You can be single people, married, cohabiting or same-sex couples to adopt a child.
You don’t have to be a British citizen to adopt a child, but you or your partner must have a fixed and permanent home in the UK, and must have lived in the UK for at least 1 year before you begin the application process.
You do not need to be wealthy or a homeowner to adopt, but will need to give details of income and explain how you would support a child. Health and well-being play a part in the assessment process, but you are not automatically disqualified for having a medical condition.
If you have a criminal record, you must disclose this when applying. It will not automatically disqualify you from adopting, but the law will not permit anyone to adopt or foster if they, or a member of their household, has been convicted or cautioned for offences against a child.

To adopt you can go through either an adoption agency that’s part of your local council or a voluntary adoption agency.
The adoption process.

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