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Many consultants (specialist doctors) in the UK will not see patients unless they are referred by a GP. Most specialists will see patients both under the NHS and privately. You may be referred to a private specialist either by a private or an NHS GP. An NHS GP can also refer you to an NHS specialist, in which case the fees are fully covered by the NHS. The main advantage of seeing a specialist privately is that the waiting time is usually shorter.

Children's Doc Around The Clock

A private medical appointment service from the Portland Hospital (HCA) for babies and children up to the age of 18. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Tel : 020 7390 8022
City : London
Postcode : W1W 5AH

Harley Street Clinic

Part of HCA Hospitals. works in three major areas - cardiac, cancer and paediatrics - as well as the latest capabilities in treating a broad range of illnesses and conditions. One of London's top heart surgery centres.
Tel : 020 7935 7700
Address : 35 Weymouth Street
City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Postcode : W1G 8BJ

HCA Healthcare UK

London's Number 1 Private Hospital Group, including the following: The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, London Bridge Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Princes Grace Hospital, the Wellington Hospital.
Tel : 020 7079 4344
Address : 242 Marylebone Road
City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Postcode : NW1 6JL

Portland Hospital for Women and Children

Part of HCA Hospitals. The Portland Hospital for Women and Children provides neonatal intensive care, a special care baby unit, paediatric intensive care and a high dependency unit for adults. Obstetric and midwifery care.Its consultants cover a wide range of areas of paediatric medicine and women’s health.
Tel : 020 7580 4400
Address : 205-209 Great Portland Street
City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Postcode : W1W 5AH

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