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British senior schools

In the UK, education is compulsory from 5 years of age to 18 (from September 2015). The UK education system is divided into nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary (university) education.
In the UK, many private schools offer single sex education. This is even more noticeable for senior schools. However, there are many excellent coeducational schools.
At each stage, the private sector often requires formalised entrance examinations with considerably high levels of competition. If you are looking in the private sector but have not had enough time to research the choices it is advisable to register your child for several schools. Most schools require a non-refundable fee for registering, in many cases several years before the child will be required to sit the exams. Some senior schools may require registration up to 5 years prior to entry. There are a few schools in and around London that will accept children from 3-18 years. These schools may have internal entrance examinations, but often acceptance to the next level is a formality.

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