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Other Opportunities

The UK offers a wide range of opportunities. Whether you decide to make a career change, start your own business or just embrace the culture- you are in the right place!

The UK is one of the best countries in Europe to start your own business. Legal requirements do exist but are very transparent, so it is relatively easy to determine the appropriate steps.

The voluntary sector is very strong here and presents many opportunities for  career changes, flexible work, work experience or just to get to know the culture better.

"It is never too late to change the way you think" from FOCUS Magazine Jan-Feb 2022

"The UK: The place to find your purpose and passion" from FOCUS Magazine May-Jun 2019

"Top tips for a rich life" from FOCUS Magazine Sep-Oct 2019

“You are a fake, you are a fraud” from FOCUS Magazine Jun-Aug 2020

"Opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs" from FOCUS Magazine Jun-Aug 2020

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Further education


You can never get too muchknowledge.


Self employment


Access the rightinformation to go it alone.

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Starting your Business

There are many people and companies that help a newbusiness.


Voluntary Sector


Opportunities forvolunteering and also paid work.