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Voluntary sector

Working for a Charity or Not for Profit Organisation can be very rewarding. There are many volunteering opportunities and also paid positions.

Although unpaid, volunteering can be a great way to show how transferable your skills are, which is particular important if you are considering a shift/change in your career path. It is also a great way to get that essential ‘UK work experience’ on your CV.

Volunteering offers an excellent opportunity for you to add something concrete to your CV while looking for paid work. Volunteering is also a good way to get to know your new community and to make new contacts and friends.

Charity salaries may not be high, but there is usually more flexibility such as part-time, temporary and job-shares.

There are several websites that can help you find a paid or volunteer position.

"Working for a charity in the UK" from FOCUS Magazine Jul- Aug 2017

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