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Cultural support

One important part of a successful relocation is how well you and your family can assimilate and adjust in your new location. Knowledge and understanding of the British culture as well as understanding aspects of your own culture are important factors that help minimise the impact of culture shock.

Read our article on British business etiquette.

"Developing emotional intelligence for your career success" from FOCUS Magazine Mar-Apr 2017

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Cross cultural seminars

FOCUS offers a range of seminars addressing different aspects of culture challenges you may face, including:

Culture shock- How to deal with culture shock and adjust successfully 

Working with the British-Address cultural aspects of business and working life

Establishing a social network in the UK- Where and how do you meet people? Socialise with the British.

Are cultural differences potentially standing in the way of you getting a good job here in the UK? 

Find out what might be some of the major differences you personally have with most Brits, and work with our career coaches to create strategies to make sure that you use those differences to your advantage. Also see Career coaches.

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