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How to find a job

Looking for a job in the UK will  probably be a time filled with a mix of wonder, impatience, frustration, and excitement.  When beginning your job search, we would recommend that you find out as much information as possible from other people who have actually done this in the UK. It can give you some valuable insights and tips on how to approach it.

In this section you will find information and resources on some of the most important things to consider when you start your job search.

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Books that will assist you with your job search or career change.

Career coaches

Guidance, support and advice to help take yourcareer forward.

CV - resume

Your primary marketingtool to generate interest from an employer.

Job websites

Find your dream jobhere.



Build beneficialrelationships that can help you now or in the future.

Recruitment agencies

Agencies work through advertised selection as well as specialisation.



Information is key to any job search. Find outhere.